Nobelessis Art Collective

Sephirot Mists W16 P15

Live DJ | Gamba | Bar | Fortune Readings | Dance and Vibes | Giveaways✢ Open Monthly ✢
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Our Venue

Our Staff

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Our Services

✢ Elysium Bar ✢

Indulge in the divine offerings of our exquisitely stocked bar, where you can savor choice elixirs inspired by the twelve. Immerse yourself in the artistry of handmade cocktails and tinctures expertly crafted to elevate your senses. Complementing these celestial libations, relish hearty and delightful snacks that promise to satiate your cravings while enhancing your overall experience. At Elysium, every sip and bite is a symphony of flavors, inviting you to embark on a gastronomic journey worthy of the gods themselves.

✢ Gpose Service ✢

Are you reveling in the enchantment of your time at Elysium and yearning for a visual memento to cherish?Whether you desire:
✨ Individual shots capturing your unique style and attitude;
✨ Duo shots with friends, lovers, or charming strangers;
✨ Larger group shots that immortalize the collective joy,
Simply send a message to our wandering poser extraordinaire, Cheese Baron~. Let us weave your moments into timeless memories. ... & say cheese! 📸✨PRICELIST
✢ Single person pose 500k
✢ Additional person +200k each
e.g. A four person pose would cost 500k + 200k + 200k + 200k;; = 1.1M total.

✢ Tarot Card Reading ✢

Unlock the mysteries of your existence and explore the cosmic whispers that resonate through time. Delve into the realms of the future, past, and present with divinations by our esteemed resident astrologist, Numibuki Asura.Discover the profound insights that celestial bodies unveil about you. Whether you seek revelations about your future path, insights into your past, or an understanding of your present, Numibuki Asura awaits to guide you through the cosmic tapestry.PRICELIST
✢ 1 reading = 100k
✢ 3 readings = 250k
✢ 5 readings = 450k
(The cards do not dictate how you should live your life)

✢ Court Services ✢

Enhance your Elysium experience with our delightful SFW court services, adding a touch of glimmer to your time in the celestial haven. 💫PRICELIST
🌟 Private Dance 🌟
Book a mesmerizing private dance with our talented dancers for 150k / 30m.
🌟 One-on-One Time 🌟
Indulge in exclusive one-on-one moments with our dancers or staff for 200k / 30m
🌟 Staff Night Out 🌟
Make your night truly unforgettable by booking out one of our staff for the entire night for 8M
🌟 Affection from the Gods 🌟
Experience personalized attention as our working staff offers Hugs, Dotes, or Petting for 1-2 minutes to a person of your choosing at 200k per emote.
These services are designed to elevate your Elysium experience, offering a luxurious and personalized touch to your celestial journey. Indulge in the extraordinary. 💖

✢ Venue Bookout ✢

For all inquiries regarding venue booking or DJ boothing, kindly direct your messages to our dedicated coordinators on Discord.

Feel free to DM kwannawanna or icantblockhit to initiate a detailed discussion and tailor your experience at Elysium to perfection. We look forward to creating unforgettable moments with you. 🌟
Venue Rent outs are 2M / Hour with full service.

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Nobelessis Art Collective
Lala Lala Maid Cafe
Nocturna Lounge and Tea House
Apurva Spire Gpose Studio
Bun Boi cafe

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